The 4 Points of Contact is a framework for assessing both the needs of the young people in our communities, and the effectiveness of our programs and methods in enabling healthy growth in those areas where need exists. It was produced in order to provide a common language for discussing youth development in The Salvation Army. Drawing from a number of excellent resources, the principles expressed by the 4 Points of Contact are supported by a wealth of research and experience.

Many of the terms employed within the 4 Points framework, as well as the some of the organizational choices, were inspired by the excellent handbook Context: Engaging the Young Adults of Your Community, published by Lifeway (and available here as a free PDF). Additionally, the structure of the 4 Points was notably informed by Reclaiming Youth International’s Circle of Courage, and has been intentionally designed to incorporate the 40 Developmental Assets studied by The Search Institute in order to provide additional research-based information for those inspired to go deeper. Many of the consideration questions and suggested action steps are drawn heavily from this work.

the 4 points:



Because I care about who I am becoming. (1 Timothy 4:12(


Because my choices make a difference (James 1:17)


Because life is meant to be experiences together (Ephesians  2:18)


Becasue I have talents and gifts that need to be nurtured. (Psalm 139:14)