1. O God, I believe that You are there, and You are listening.
  2. I was made in your image. I have intelligence and feelings, and so do You. We can communicate.
  3. You created me, and You have always been interested in me. You want the best possible life for me.
  4. You can help me be healthy and happy and free. I would like that help, and today I am asking for it.
  5. Some things I have done have damaged me, and hurt other people, and disappointed You. I am sorry about all my wrong and evil behavior.
  6. Jesus, You suffered for my sins, taking the pain and punishment. I am grateful that You love me so much.
  7. Lord, You died, but You are alive again, and because You live I can live forever, in joy and peace and significance.
  8. As my Savior and Friend, You accept me as a follower of Your way. I am going to be loyal to You.

(Written by Commissioner Edward Read)