he last full week of every month except November and December we will provide a hot plated meal for anyone in the

  community that may be in need. This lunch program allows us to meet the needs of those looking for a hot lunch and allows us to offer a place for the community to come and feel welcomed and loved. 

 This is a program that also allows for many to give back to the community, we are also looking for volunteers to help us serve and give back. To sign up you or your business, you can contact The Salvation Army at 573-335-7000, or go to myvolunteerpage.com and in the search field type "cape"


Become a Volunteer

More than a feeding program


Upcoming Dates:

September 26th-30th

October 17th-21st

October 24th-28th 

November 14th-18th

November 21st-23rd

Thanksgivng Day

December 12th-16th

December 19th-23rd