The Salvation Army's work and service in our community is motivated by a love of God and others.  Learning about His love and instruction to His children happens weekly with Sunday Services and Bible Study.

Sunday School - Sundays @ 9:45 AM

Sunday School is provided for all ages every Sunday morning at 9:45 AM.  It's purpose is to provide instruction through Biblical teaching and discussion.


Holiness Meeting (Worship Service) - Sundays @ 11:00 AM

Salvation Army Worship Services implement Scripture reading, preaching, music, and giving for the purpose of praising God

Current Series: 

Upcoming Series: 

Lent Sermon Series: In this series we will be studying Jesus’ final words from the cross to discover the impact they have in human history and the personal significance they have in our lives.


Jeans, Java, and Jesus: Thursday Night Bible Study 5:30 PM (Youth Bible study as well)

Throw on your JEANS, grab your BIBLE, get some JAVA, and lets dive into God's Word together. 

Women's Bible Study - Wednesdays @ 5:00 PM

Every Wednesday, a group of men and women gather to study the Word of God to see what happened in the ancient history of Biblical time and what it means to us as we live in modern times.  


S.A. Men - Thursdays @ 7:00 AM

Biblically, men are supposed to be the spiritual head of the house. Somehow this has gotten lost and we seek to restorethe man's role in educating his family, through bible study and accountability. We base our Men's ministry off off of the four pillars of "Raising a modern day Knight" 

1. Live Pure

2. Speak the Truth

3. Right wrong

4. Follow the king 

We meet every Thursday Morning  at 7:00 AM for fellowship, bible study and COFFEE .